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Digestive Disorders
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Neurological Problems
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Post-Traumatic Stress
Organ Problems
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Excessive Worry
Sleep Problems
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"Best healer/ body manipulator I've ever experienced."

Charles D. Frohman, business consultant

“Harbhajan is a master of emotional work.”

Jean Pierre Barral, Barral Institute

Even the Mayo Clinic couldn’t help me. I was about to die. After 10 hopeless years and 14 surgeries, my pain left. It seemed effortless, my healing. It was miraculous.


I am recovering from a brain operation, cancer, and MS. After 20 minutes with Harbhajan, I was walking and pushing my own wheelchair.

Miracle Lady from Texas

"When I first came to Harbhajan I was living with my husband's ghost, waking at 1:30 am every night, the time of his death. Nine months of sleep deprivation, caffeine, and a longtime marijuana addiction were only the beginning. For treatment, Harbhajan has helped me to reintegrate my emotional loss with positive healing. He has rediscovered and helped to heal broken ribs from a horrifying horseback riding accident, helping me to heal scar tissue in both my kidneys, along with all my neurological and cerebral problems. Through his visceral manipulation, our work together and his support of my yoga and meditation practices, I am grateful for a spiritual reawakening and emotional healing. He is teaching me how to transform my own life paths. Thank you, Harbhajan."

Lucinda, teacher and ski instructor

"I came to Harbhajan when I was having a hard time moving forward beyond  my  physical and emotional traumas in my life. This has caused me to have devastating seizures . I tried a variety of different healing approaches to remedy my situation, with minimal success.  Harbhajan's clear intuition and guidance, profound mastery of interfacing with the nervous system and subtle levels to address deeply held patterns, brought healing and balance to my entire system.  He brings years of training, and experience, and deeply focused application for each individual session.  His unique offering has greatly assisted me to positively navigate challenging dimensions of my healing journey."

Elizabeth, Santa Fe, NM

"I went to Harbhajan for various injuries from being a rafting quide. I was reassured and confident with Harbhajan skills as a manual  therapist because he was my  yoga teacher and demonstrated his in depth knowledge of the human body. Harbhajan used very gentle precise manipulations to my nervous system, soft tissue, muscular skeleton ,organ and vascular systems healing my injury almost spontaneously. However, as he went on, he was able to access and release  deeper  emotional patterns from my childhood that effected me in my personal relationships."


"Harbhajan is a skillful healer who assisted me in the release of emotions and memories that kept me trapped in the past.  He facilitated an emotional housecleaning and a cleansing of negative, limiting behaviors and beliefs.  He has been instrumental in the improvement of my self-concept, which has resulted in deeper personal insight, mental clarity, and a quieting of my mind’s mental chatter.  He is amazing!"

Renee H.

"Harbhajan is a knowledgeable healer.  He has encouraged the growth of personal insights and given me food for thought.  He has facilitated the inner connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of myself.  The result has been a deepening of personal harmony, balance, and grounding."

Michelle A.


For 10 years I suffered from what I thought was arthritis in my hips – I thought I would spend the rest of my life in pain. After one session with Harbhajan, my pain has completely disappeared. This was over four months ago, and I still have not had any recurrent pain.



I came to Harbhajan to deal with tension and spinal misalignment. After just the first session, my back was tension free and much more flexible. After five sessions I have no pain in my back, I have more energy, and the overall quality of my life continues to improve.



Since your craniosacral treatments, I have written a series of children’s books. The treatments released the ‘writing’ gene and world cannot express my gratitude.

Suzanne, author of children’s books


Harbhajan’s healing techniques have made an incredible difference in my life. I now finally can breathe through both nostrils after 30 years. An unanticipated bonus has been a dramatic improvement in my general sense of well being. I have discontinued my use of antidepressants and sleeping pills and I am more relaxed and optimistic.

Irene, teacher


In my first session with Harbhajan I overcame my fear of heights and stopped using my cane. I had found physical therapy inadequate…this is where Habhajan’s work is so valuable – he re-established the connection between my hip and my brain and the rest of my body.



"Several car crashes made me a prime candidate for Harb's excellent and diverse therapeutic techniques. His treatments went beyond the injuries to personal and life issues, a real bonus."

Jeffrey M. Tucker, Consultant


“Feelings of exhaustion, emotional distress and terrible neck and back pain prompted me to call Harbhajan. His treatment plan resulted in remarkable life-changing results. Harbhajan’s bodywork focuses on structural alignment, mental cleansing, and organ rejuvenation. He gave me the necessary tools for physical and spiritual realignment. Serious addictons have fallen away, and I am back to experiencing my radiant physical health and deep inner peace.”

Monica, psychologist and recording artist


“Working with Harbhajan is a gift that keeps on giving with every session. I feel lighter, easier, more joyous, and more myself. It sounds simple, but it takes courage to release the past with someone you trust guiding you through the process. With his skill as a healer, I believe Harbhajan’s greatest gift is his very high vision of who and what we truly are. Thank you, my friend, for really seeing me and never ever letting me off the hook.”

Rev. Jewel Howard


“I was impressed by Harbhajan's ability to see and feel some deep truths about me. He resolved the root cause of some severe abdominal pain and also corrected a painful hip displacement. He is very skillful with his hands, and knew how to gently but effectively illuminate some old behaviors to help me heal quickly.”

Barbara, Designer


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