Chronic Pain
Back Problems
Hiatal Hernia
Digestive Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Joint Issues –
Knees / Shoulders
Brain / Spinal Trauma
Neurological Problems
Motor Coordination
Post-Traumatic Stress
Organ Problems
Hiatal Hernia
Digestive Disorders
Attention Deficit
Emotional Disorders
Excessive Worry
Sleep Problems
Vascular System
Lymph System




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Call for an Online Skype Healing Session with Harbhajan all over the world:
Online Skype and phone sessions are extraordinary and powerful techniques Harbhajan uses to accomplish transcendental healing. This involves energy medicine, emotional work, spiritual life coaching, Akashic record interpretation, and etheric readings.
Harbhajan uses clairvoyance and clair-audio to receive information from your transmitted energy field about your issues or problems. In this way he reads Akashic records and the etheric realms; accomplishes energy healing; gives assessments about your physical condition; helps with emotional, mental or spiritual crises; depression; relationships; grief; mourning the death of someone; life crossroads; or finding new directions. Skype or phone consultations are charged by the minute. You can make an appointment and pay now, or call or email Harbhajan to inquire about the process: 575-751-1335 or Email Us


Call for a consultation at the Clinic:

Experience Manual Therapy & Emotional Synthesis: A 15-minute consultation with Harbhajan at the Khalsa Clinic will allow you to ask questions and find out how our services may help you solve health challenges. You will also be able to get the feel of our clinic and how we work. Call 575-751-1335 for your consultation!


Make an appointment for an evaluation:
During your evaluation and assessment, we will examine you physically and emotionally to identify the source of your problem, and specify what therapy will be appropriate. For more information, click here to email, or call 575 751 1335. A physician's referral is necessary for auto accidents, workmen’s comp, and health insurance claims. Also, please call to find out if your insurance is accepted at our clinics.


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Ask questions:
We welcome any question about how our unique therapies can help you become healthier. Click for our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page. You can also call 575-751-1335 in Taos, 505-986-8300 in Santa Fe, or send us an >email.

Take a class:
Pilates and Kundalini Yoga Classes are offered with Rajinder or Harbhajan. To find out more, click here or call 575-751-1335 for a class schedule.

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