Pre-Ion Bath
Post-Ion Bath


The Z-ion Detox Foot Spa can help with:

• Enhancing the immune system • Assisting in recovery time after injuries and surgery • Relieving pain and joint stiffness from arthritis • Improving sleep patterns • Improving liver and kidney functions • …and more!

Call us for a demonstration detox for $40, or call to buy now!

SPECIAL: New: $950.00 Used: $600.00

Prices for Zion Foot Detox/Supplies - Buy Now!

Your purchase includes Foot Detox machine and two arrays plus wrist strap with cable, infra-red belt (generates infra-red), and metal carrying case.
Single array is $40.


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Download more literature >here< and >here< (in PDF format).


The foot spa detox generator is not for any therapeutic, medical, or other diagnosis that prevents or cures disease. All statements were not evaluated by the FDA, and have not been verified by an official clinical trial. Individuals who are epileptic or hemophiliac, those with a pacemaker, transplanted organs, on blood thinners, pregnant or nursing should not use this unit. Do not use the ion generator if you suffer serious disease or are physically weak from illness. The foot spa detox generator is not to be used by children under the age of eight (8) years of age. By reading and agreeing to this disclaimer, Z-ION Cleanse and its practitioners are held harmless from any liability or claim resulting from this treatment.