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WHAT ARE THE AKASHIC RECORDS?The Akashic Records are the soul's record of all experiences in all the lifetimes it has been through. Each soul has its own Akashic stored energetic record which is comprised of all events, thoughts, feelings and beliefs of this life time and previous life times.


WHY DO WE READ THE AKASHA RECORDS? The purpose of reading the Akasha Records is to assist and heal our past, connect with our soul, elevate ourselves to higher consciousness, connect with our purpose and our mission of life, and reach our own destiny.

ETERNAL AKASHIC RECORDS  Throughout history kings, queens and great leaders valued the counsel of the wise and went out of their way to seek one who interpreted and read the Akashic Records. They knew the existence of something invisible that can promote or inhibit growth and success in this world. It is said the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed the counsel of Akashic Record Readers.  Very likely, various other cultures have been calling them by different names. There is the existence of an energetic field that connects everything in the Universe.  The wisdom of the Akashic Records has been known only to the few special people for many centuries including yogis and healers of the world. It is truly God’s gift to have the knowledge to access AKASHIC RECORDS.


DECODING THE AKASHIC RECORDS Akashic Records can be accessed from anywhere, and theoretically, anyone can do this.  However, decoding the information requires sensitive, subtle awareness and in-depth knowledge. The information contained in the Akashic Records is literally astronomical and will confuse the mind if the reader is not acutely aware of the subtleties. It is very important to note that Akashic Records are energetic records; it takes clear reference points to translate them into everyday language. Warning: We cannot change or alter the Akashic records – They are permanent.


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